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What Is Osteoporosis?

National Osteoporosis Foundation pic

National Osteoporosis Foundation

An accomplished executive in the field of pharmacology, Terry Herring develops innovative treatments at Mission Pharmacal Company. Through Mission Pharmacal, Terry Herring also works with the National Osteoporosis Foundation in its efforts to inform the public about this widespread disease.

Osteoporosis affects bone tissue, either by its loss or underproduction. It can best be understood by a visualization: portions of healthy bone resemble the holes of a honeycomb, while bone affected by osteoporosis has much larger holes, rendering it weaker and more susceptible to breakage.

Some 54 million Americans have low bone mass and are at risk for osteoporosis. Research of persons over 50 indicates that roughly one in two women and one in four men will break bones because of it. Osteoporosis is considered a silent disease, since one cannot feel his or her bones getting weaker.

Bone breakages due to the disease most often occur in the wrists, hips, or spine, although it also places other bones at risk. Some persons may lose height because of damaged vertebrae. Osteoporosis may also impact quality of life by reducing mobility and preventing enjoyable activities.


Jack in the Box Raises Money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Currently an executive at Mission Pharmacal Company, Terry Herring graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University and completed postgraduate training at such prestigious institutions as Duke University and the London School of Business. Outside of his professional life, Terry Herring supports nonprofit groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Founded more than 100 years ago, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has helped countless children reach their potential through mentoring opportunities with adults in the community. To support its programs, the nonprofit partners with companies and organizations around the country to raise funds. One of these partners, Jack in the Box restaurants, has raised more than $1.7 million for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America since 2008.

The most recent Jack in the Box fundraiser, which ran through the 2013 holiday season, featured a holiday ornament of Jack in the Box mascot Toasty Jack. The festive green and red ornaments were sold for $1 in stores. In January of 2014, Jack in the Box announced the promotion raised more than $245,000 for the charity.

Terry Herring – Jail & Bail for Babies

Featured in PharmaVOICE in 2007, Terry Herring has spent many years in executive positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including serving as president of inVentiv Health and senior national sales director of Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Now Terry Herring serves as the president of Mission Pharmacal Company, where he has partnered with the March of Dimes Foundation.

The March of Dimes Foundation sponsors an event known as Jail & Bail to raise funds for babies, especially for those born prematurely, and for the prevention of birth defects. The event involves a volunteer judge hearing cases concerning outrageous charges such as reckless golf-cart driving, acting under the influence of caffeine, and aiding the work of the March of Dimes Foundation. The volunteer prisoners then receive a sentence of spending an hour in a mock jail while they raise bail money.

The Jail & Bail fundraising event takes place locally across the country, allowing participants the opportunity to come together and have fun while earning funds to save the lives of babies through supporting the March of Dimes Foundation’s efforts. The volunteers set their own goals to reach for bail and can raise funds ahead of time, contacting everyone they know, including family members, friends, and colleagues.

An Overview of Common Urinary Tract Conditions

Twice named to PharmaVOICE’s Top 100 Most Inspiring People list, Terry Herring possesses over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. During his career, Terry Herring has overseen the development of several therapies for urinary tract conditions.

The most common urinary tract conditions are urinary tract infections (UTI) and interstitial cystitis (IC), often known as painful bladder syndrome. These conditions affect women significantly more often than men or children.

Produced by an overgrowth of bacteria, UTIs are usually acute infections that arise in any area of the urinary system, including the kidneys, urethra, and bladder. In contrast, IC is a chronic condition that causes bladder or pelvic pain. Both UTIs and IC can lead to persistent, excessive, and even painful urination.

There are a number of different treatments for urinary tract conditions. Antibiotics are most often prescribed for UTIs. Doctors may also recommend common pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs to ease common symptoms. Uribel, a multi-ingredient medication that addresses a variety of symptoms at once, may be used as well. In some serious cases of IC, nerve stimulation procedures, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), may be appropriate.

The Boxer – One of America’s Favorite Dogs

Terry Herring is the president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal, a pharmaceutical company based in San Antonio, Texas. A former board member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Terry Herring enjoys a number of recreational interests, such as nonfiction books, the 1970 Corvette, and dogs, particularly Boxers.

First registered by the American Kennel Club in 1904, Boxers are now one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They were originally developed in Germany in the mid-19th century, where they were used to hunt larger game, including wild boar, bears, and deer, and later served as messenger dogs during wartime. Today, Boxers are used as watchdogs, service and therapy dogs, and police and military dogs.

Muscular and athletic, Boxers require daily exercise. They have short hair in either brindle or fawn colors and require minimal grooming. While they make excellent guardians, they are also affectionate and playful and generally have a good rapport with children. Boxers have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

Jamie Foxx Partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters for New Public Service Announcement Campaign

Terry Herring, whose affiliation with Big Brothers Big Sisters began more than 15 years ago as a volunteer, now serves as one of the organization’s board members. President of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal Company in San Antionio, Terry Herring appreciates the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ current campaign aimed at bolstering volunteerism and donations.

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) is releasing a campaign of new public service announcements featuring spokesman and Academy Award- and Grammy Award-winner Jamie Foxx along with other celebrity sponsors. In the campaign’s television advertisements, Foxx helps promote BBBS’ role as a mentor for children. The campaign emphasizes the substantial need for male volunteers to serve as mentors, and the organization’s hope that former volunteers will return as part of the Start Something (Again) campaign.

Other celebrities featured in the ad campaign include Grammy Award winner EVE, 2012 Miss America Laura Kaeppeler, and two-time Super Bowl champion Darrin Smith.

Terry Herring: The Cigarette—Fastest Boat in the World

For those who enjoy machines that go very fast, the “cigarette” (also known as the “go-fast”), a small bullet-like boat designed for speed racing in ocean water, is an exceptionally impressive object. Cigarettes are typically built of fiberglass and range from 30 to 50 feet long and eight feet wide. Equipped with at least two powerful engines and shaped like a sharpened bullet, this boat is made for extremely speedy gliding. With a score of 317.6 miles per hour, the cigarette holds the fastest record for speed boats.

Those who own cigarettes enjoy it for its style and luxury, as well as its indomitable speed. Some of the most famous types include the Top Gun line and the Grand Sport line. 

Terry Herring is a collector and an enthusiast of all things fast. Among his favorite machines are Cobalt Boats, the 1970 Corvette, and Harley-Davidsons.