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Terry Herring – Jail & Bail for Babies

August 2, 2013

Featured in PharmaVOICE in 2007, Terry Herring has spent many years in executive positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including serving as president of inVentiv Health and senior national sales director of Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Now Terry Herring serves as the president of Mission Pharmacal Company, where he has partnered with the March of Dimes Foundation.

The March of Dimes Foundation sponsors an event known as Jail & Bail to raise funds for babies, especially for those born prematurely, and for the prevention of birth defects. The event involves a volunteer judge hearing cases concerning outrageous charges such as reckless golf-cart driving, acting under the influence of caffeine, and aiding the work of the March of Dimes Foundation. The volunteer prisoners then receive a sentence of spending an hour in a mock jail while they raise bail money.

The Jail & Bail fundraising event takes place locally across the country, allowing participants the opportunity to come together and have fun while earning funds to save the lives of babies through supporting the March of Dimes Foundation’s efforts. The volunteers set their own goals to reach for bail and can raise funds ahead of time, contacting everyone they know, including family members, friends, and colleagues.


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